power consumption?

Alfred Young

Has anyone gotten the solar panels to charge a battery fully, with all sensors hooked up? This is using thecurrent v3.0 he’s got.

​I have a 12V solar panel hooked up to a buck converter to get down to 6V, but I can never get a full charge even on a sunny day. I’ve even made tweaks to the code to ensure it’s not out of deep sleep very long, at most 5 minutes between each temp check.

I’ve aslo ordered replacement TP4056 dev boards incase mines is doing something funny.

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    Honestly, I have not gotten to the point of actually hooking up the solar yet as I've been focused on the software development. Let me hook up the panel and see what's going on for that front. Note, data I'll take will start off just looking at charging circuit and the weather station will not be turned on initially.

    What is the max Vcc that you observe on the battery terminals before and after charging cycle?

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    Alfred Young

    My battery tender is telling me either 4.2 or 4.1 on a full charge. During direct sunlight during the day, the battery voltage read function tells me the voltage fluctuates but stays pretty much flat by early evening, so I'm using as much as I am charging. However, during the evening->morning, it's dropping at least .02 or .03 volts.

    I estimate I have about maybe 1.5 or 2 weeks before the battery stops delivering enough to wake.

    At this point I'm tempted to just run 12v power to the unit (with buck converter of course) to just not worry and go wild with as much readings and sampling I can do.

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    Alfred Young

    I just plugged in an AC adapter 12v to my buck, and I also changed the software config to continuous polling. With this, I am unable to keep the battery voltage levels consistent. I think either my tp4056 isn't operating as expected, or something else is up.

    Just to note, my tp4056 red led only lights up when I remove the battery, otherwise with the battery in, the led blue is always on (never red). Makes me wonder otherwise.